Archimorph is the metaverse’s architecture firm, creating the completely decentralized, community-governed arts district of web 3.0

At Archimorph, our goal is to create a digital world for everyone, while providing a platform for artists, creators, and collectors to flourish.   

Oana is our lead developer.  Hailing from academia, she is a master of metaverse architecture, creating beautiful structures from code.  She’s the author of our programmatic architectural algorithm.

Nadh ha has her Master’s degree in advanced architecture and is our resident urban planner, both in the metaverse and irl.

Ralph is a crypto OG with a business degree.  (fun fact, he was bullish on BTC and ETH back in 2015 but sold too early :[    )

Maria has her finger on the pulse of the design world; she’s an architect specializing in art galleries.

Chris is a perennial early adopter; he was among the first people to get FAA approval for commercial drone opps and has a background in science.

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  • We are building a fully immersive digital world, the Bubbleverse.  We like to think of it as social media 2.0
  • Our digital world will be owned by its citizens; privately owned plots will be minted as NFTs
  • Your home base in our digital world is the Archimorph Pavilion.  Each is provably unique and programmatically generated by our proprietary algorithm. With display areas both public and private, you’ll be able to display and sell your NFT collection, meet friends, play games, and discover new creators.
  • The native currency of the Bubbleverse is $SILVER, which you will earn simply for holding Archimorph NFTs and using the Archimorph platform. 

The future is interoperable!  Through our partnerships we plan to help bring the world together.  In the future, you’ll be able to display, buy, and sell your NFTs from your gallery regardless of which chain they’re on.  We’re also making an investment in the future of the metaverse by allocating a portion of our treasury to making it as easy as possible for non crypto-natives to onboard into the NFT space.

We’re as excited as you are!

Scroll down for complete info on the current mint phase.


In the spirit of Web 3.0, we aim to build a virtual community which leverages the power of Metcalfe’s law of networks to return value to our citizens.  In Web 2.0, a centralized organization exploits its users, profiting from their attention and content.  

With our DAO-based model, however, everyone benefits from the value that their time provides the network. Harnessing play to earn dynamics, citizens are rewarded for participating in our online society; whether from viewing others’ galleries, voting on propositions, or providing content to the platform, citizens earn the native token of our digital world, $SILVER

Generative Galleries

Our proprietary architectural algorithm enables us to create a collection of completely unique pavilions which act as your home base in our digital world.  Invite your friends, host meetings and live events, and adorn your gallery with your collection of NFT art including 3d assets.  

Additionally each pavilion has an interior gallery with privacy controls.  Share your social media feeds, personal snapshots and videos, and any other digital content and be confident that only those you select will have access


website deployed
whitelisting & community development
Gallery Mint is live
platform design
full multiplayer metaverse released






Nadh ha






MINT info

total plots: 250 

small plot: 0.1 ETH
medium plot: 0.15 ETH
large plot: 0.2 ETH

Purchase of this mint will grant full ownership of your very own plot of land within the ARCHIMORPH metaverse.

Each land deed grants entry into the Archimorph DAO, the governing body of our digital world.

Stay tuned ...